Yoni Vendriger

Producing Artistic Director of the Israeli Artists Project

An award-winning Film and Theater Producer, Entrepreneur, Actor and Educator. Yoni was born and raised in Israel where he served as a filmmaker in the IDF. He studies film production and entrepreneurship at Emerson College in Boston. He returned to Israel to work in the film and TV industry.

Yoni moved to NYC and studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse and fell more in love with theater and studied theater production at the Theater Resources Unlimited year-long PDMP program followed by the Masters program. At TRU he won the course presentation first place in each program and also won the Randall Wregitt award. Besides TRU, he attended programs and panels of the Commercial Theater Institute.

He worked as an associate producer on the musical Loveless Texas and Right Before I Go and produced several staged readings for different plays and musicals before leading his own projects.

His first play production was an Israeli play called Scoop, which was presented in both Hebrew and English by the same cast. For that production, in March 2018, he started an organization called the Israeli Artists Project. IAP’s mission is to promote and present Israeli theater, music and art. Up to and during Covid, the organization produced many events and activities. Since then, Yoni, in association with the org, is producing the Israeli hit play Divorced in private homes. 

He is also the owner and founder of Magnetic Memories, an instant magnetic photos event favor.